Welcome to PocketMedSOS™

PocketMedSOS™ is a handy container specially designed to store life-saving aspirin and nitroglycerin in one safe, convenient pack that is thin enough to slide into your wallet. As long as you’ve got your wallet, you’ll never be without the medication that could save your life.

PocketMedSOS™ is the first line of defense to combat heart attack. Carrying a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of nitroglycerin is not practical. They are big and bulky, easy to forget, and very inconvenient. Enjoy the peace of mind of having a
with two life-saving medications with you, as long as you have your
wallet or purse.

We created the PocketMedSOS™ with the consumer in mind. How often have you forgotten your aspirin and or nitroglycerin pills at home? Or forgotten to take your daily aspirin before leaving home? We know you have lots of things to remember to take with you, aspirin and nitroglycerin should not be one of them.

The only container that lets you carry BOTH aspirin and nitroglycerin – in your wallet!