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Pocket Med SOS

If you have a heart condition or are at high risk for a cardiac event, you should already know how aspirin can help you prevent a heart attack or increase your chances of survival if administered during the early stages of a cardiac event.

You also should know how nitroglycerin can help you in an emergency by relaxing the blood vessels and easing the heart’s workload. However, with everything you have going on in your life, it’s easy to miss a dose of aspirin or forget your nitroglycerin prescription.

That is why we created the PocketMedSOS™, a patent-pending container featuring double seals to keep the aspirin and nitroglycerin separate and airtight, in a size similar to a credit card. The PocketMedSOS™ can fit in the credit card slot of your wallet or purse or using the lanyard hole, worn around the neck or on a keychain. PocketMedSOS™ is the most convenient way to carry your cardiac life-savers.

Aspirin and nitroglycerin are some of the medications given to treat a heart attack and CARRYING BOTH MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE!

1) Capacity for up to 18 nitroglycerin and two 325mg aspirin pills.
2) Two separate sections to keep aspirin and nitroglycerin separate.
3) Dual airtight seals to protect the purity and potency of the pills.
4) Ultra lightweight and slim design to fit in a wallet, purse or pocket.
5) Lanyard hole to hang around the neck or on a keychain.
6) Strong and durable Polypropylene construction.

Dimensions: 74 mm x 48 mm x 7 mm – 2.9" x 1.9"x 0.24"
Weight: .04 oz.
Material: FDA approved, durable, lightweight and strong polypropylene plastic manufactured in clean environment.

Heart-Saving Tip: Get two PocketMedSOS™ containers and have a partner, friend or family member carry a back-up container in case you forget your own or have difficulty reaching it.

Disclaimer: Medication not included. Please keep all medication out of children's reach.